ACMPR Design


With more than a combined 30 years in the HVAC industry, Cascadia is a heating, ventilation, air conditioning & refrigeration company specializing in the design and building of MMAR & ACMPR commercial cannabis facilities in Canada.

We have in depth knowledge regarding the stringent rules and regulations that are required from each licensed producer by Health Canada. All aspects of our designs are proven, tested, and have been highly regarded by Health Canada inspectors.


Cascadia is a leading expert regarding technology and indoor horticulture facility design and practices set forth. Understanding complex theories as to air quality, air process, hydronics, electrical practices, HVAC and all relevant engineering striving for artificial environmental perfection for optimum biological growth. We engineer every aspect of a facility from the ground up with rigorously tested mechanical devices, software, and horticulture techniques. Having worked closely with several hundred of the previous MMAR designation applicants, designed and built several ACMPR facilities across Canada and most notably a renown ACMPR facility that has been licensed to produce and sell since the inception of the MMPR now ACMPR has given us critical insight for a successful design in the ever-changing world of technology, horticulture and Health Canada requirements.

Should you or your organization require facility design, consultation or have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.